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Start your #beardlife journey here with our Ultimate Beard Kit. Our Hydrate and Cleanse Beard Collection essentials helps keep beards looking clean and soft to the touch. Our Mango Butter and herb infused formula will keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Begin cleansing with our best-selling Beard & Face Wash to get any grime or residue out of your beard.

Next hydrate your beard with our lightweight Face & Beard Oil to keep it shiny and moisturized.

Then add an extra dose of moisture with our Beard Butter Crème to lock in much needed vitamins and botanical ingredients to strengthen and repair the skin underneath, also reduces dryness and shaving irritation.

No sir you are not finished yet with your beard greatness, apply our Beard Butter Wax to shape and provide shine on days when you want more texture added to your beard. Now your beard have been Refreshed and energized with this luxurious beard kit, you can now go about your day smelling great and looking like a well groomed Men-Essential Man.

Men-Essential Face & Beard Set

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    The Men-Essential gift set. Set includes Beard & Mustache Butter Creme, Beard Wax, Face Oil, Beard & Mustache Face Wash

    Don't forget to look over your gift box options 

    Gift box can be shipped as assemble for addtional fee or shipped with assembly required

  • ****ALL SALES ARE FINAL**** However, if there is a problem please let us know we will do our best to correct it.... Thank you

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