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Soothes, hydrates and controls wispy hairs. Beard wax has all the essential oils of beard oil that condition and revive your beard into a beautiful and healthy part of your face but also provides the styling hold of beard wax. It is great for all lengthy beards.

Beard Butter Wax

  • Our Beard Butter Wax consists of the high quality nutrient rich base oils, butters and waxes to help maintain, condition, manage the beard while promote healthy growth and provide a medium styled hold without looking greasy.

    NATURAL INGREDIENTS - We use natural, botanically-infused ingredients in our products, with no parabens, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oils, or artificial colors.

    Our proprietary blend of 8 plant based oils, high quality essential oils and fragrances wake up the senses while moisturizing, giving your beard everything it needs to be shiny, protected and well behave. Your beard remains soft and healthy without becoming greasy!

  • Spread evenly through your palms and fingers. Apply evenly throughout your beard and massage into your skin.

    Optional Bonus Move: Brush and/or comb for maximum fullness and styling. Start with an every-other-day application and adjust as you see fit.

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